Southern Resident Killer Whales

introducing the Southern Resident Killer Whales!

SRKW at Boom Island

Still featuring that acoustic-driven catchy goodness you've come to expect, but we're now a little less introspective; a little more trippy (never fear - you can still find music, videos, etc. from Dan Hylton and the Ghostrunners and my other past efforts on the website).

UPDATE (7/22): What a great afternoon at Boom Island Brewing Co in North Minneapolis! What a great venue to host our Grand (re) Surfacing! We are now officially a gigging band (again). We're hoping to get back in the studio very soon, but in the meantime, look for us at the Music in the Heart of Victory series in early August!

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See you at a show soon!

Dan, Aaron, Mark, and Krista

- Dan